Newt Gingrich’s “path to the nomination” is basically a Billy-from-The Family Circus-style dotted line through his rich fantasy life



Super Tuesday Breakdown: Romney Could Have A Big Day

The Michigan primary may have presented former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney with the one of the most powerful three point victories in the last few political cycles.

The well-timed victory in the Great Lakes State seems to be much more than a small (and disputed) delegate win — it seems to have swung Romney firmly back into frontrunner status. On Saturday he won the non-binding Washington state caucuses, and he’s sprinted to a lead in Super Tuesday’s biggest prize, Ohio, while putting himself in a position to possibly pick off some southern primaries that looked like firm victories for Rick Santorum just a week ago.

Here’s a rundown of where the Republican candidates stand in the eleven states up for grabs on Super Tuesday.

Yeah, I’ve got to say that for all Mittens’ missteps, I think he’s pretty well got it in the bag now.


Hot Air blogger Allahpundit was even more damning, casting the op-ed as evidence that Romney is an opportunist who lacks core convictions. “It’s shocking that, as late as summer 2009,” Allahpundit wrote, “he’d misread the mood of the base badly enough to think he could sell them on the right-wing merits of compulsory health-care purchases, but then that’s what makes him Mitt Romney. And the subsequent flip to the position that of course the mandate is unconstitutional — that’s what really makes him Mitt Romney.”

Jeebus, I actually feel sorry for Romney here. Because of course Romney didn’t flip-flop on the wonders of the health care mandate… until the GOP itself did. The mandate was a GOP invention - it was only after Obama signed up to it that it became the worst kind of socialism in Republican eyes.


While several polls have shown Santorum leading Romney in Ohio, he failed to submit the necessary paperwork in three congressional districts needed to compete for their delegates, putting him at a serious disadvantage to Romney from the start. He also, like Newt Gingrich, failed to qualify for the ballot in Virginia entirely.

This is a big deal. It really doesn’t matter how well you’re doing in the polls if you fumble away large quantities of delegates in various admin snafus. And Mittens is off course correct to say that there’s an issue of competence here: this guy wants to be president but he can’t even get his own election paperwork squared away?

Every day it gets harder to see how Li’l Ricky could possibly pull this off.


Surrogates for Romney in six upcoming state contests ripped into Santorum for making automated phone appeals to Democrats in Michigan’s open primary during a conference call Wednesday, accusing him of exploiting progressive activists who organized votes for Santorum as a prank on Republicans.

To me this seems like a classic example of preaching to the converted: who but an already committed Mittens supporter is going to care about this? But hey, I guess if you can fill up the news cycle with this kind of crap, there’s no room left to address your own many, serious weaknesses as a candidate.


There’s bound to be a great settling beginning right about now. Romney’s gotten about as much out of his relentless pandering as he’s likely to get — He talked last night about both “the Death Tax” and “a Democrat Congress.” His wingnut jargon coach deserves a raise — and so we are likely to hear more of what we heard last night, which was some preposterous jaw-flapping about how honest and steadfast he always has been in his principles. This is what will constitute “a move to the center.” Romney can’t shift any of his actual positions to the center without looking even more ridiculous than he has over the last year. So he will shift his rhetoric in that general direction in the hopes that, by November, enough people will have forgotten what a complete political ‘ho he’s been since 2007 to give him a shot in the general election. He will survive Super Tuesday by winning in New England and out west while Santorum and Gingrich vainly carve up the delegates elsewhere. (And in Virginia, Romney’s on the ballot only with his invaluable wingman, Ron Paul, a masterpiece of abject fail on the part of both the Gingrich and Santorum campaigns that’s going to allow Romney to collect somewhere north of 40 of the state’s delegates.) What we saw last night, finally, was the end of the beginning. Nobody else has enough rocks in their pockets any more.

Similar thoughts as other folks have had, but so entertainingly expressed.

Operation Hilarity, ladies and gentlemen.

The hits just keep on coming.


and so was born Operation Hilarity, the DailyKos-led effort to drive progressive voters to the polls for Santorum and serve up a loss to Romney.

Operation Hilarity, ladies and gentlemen. I charge all Michiganders to go out and do what’s right to increase the humor potential of this election. You know what to do.

Brad Blakeman - GOP strategist (quoted in TPM):

“Trump never goes on defense on his wealth and, if anything, is obnoxiously offensive,” said former George W. Bush adviser Brad Blakeman. “His popularity comes from the fact that he is successful. Romney needs to be positive about his wealth and how he earned it.”

So… the advice here is for Mittens to be more like Donald Trump? Oooookay, then.

Late edit: Pareene reminds us that Trump is a “nationally reviled untrustworthy clown”, but hey, he endorsed Romney. I mean, Trump did, not Alex (from the department of things that go without saying).